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Greetings to Everyone!
Your presence here is an indication of curiosity or interest in the platform
or services of Antoinette Randall. "My hope is that an encounter with me
through a video, podcast, book, session, workshop or quote, will undeniably impact your life.
Nothing that I put out in the world is for popularity or trend, but to develop
or further strengthen the minds and souls of people".
~Antoinette Randall

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Season 3
"Out with the Old"
If you're over the age of 20, you have probably heard the proclamation, "Out with the Old and In with the New!" This series brings the listener to the edge of a decision. Of all of the barriers, criticism of others, your thoughts about yourself will ultimately decide the state of your life. What will you do with the most precious privilege of "Thinking for Yourself?" The ball was, is and will continue to bounce in your court. Take your shot!
It's Spring Cleaning. Rid your life of everything that diminishes your development.

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Benefits of Coaching
Someone is always there to push you; even in your inconsistencies.
Maximize off their expertise.
The Coach does the research, then presents the client with proven solutions
A Good Coach is your Best Accessory!

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