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Antoinette is an impactful old soul surrounded by vibrant energy.
She has an undeniable passion for the fields of Developmental Psychology and Social Science, and she uses her educatin and experience to more appropriately relate to people. She holds an A.A. Liberal Arts degree from Hillsborough Community College and various Psychology, Life and Wellness Certificates. Throughout her journey, she has served in social and human services and has received several awards, public recognition, reviews and professional respect, due to her authenticity within these industries. One of her greatest joys is hearing the success stories of those who once lived in the mental cave of stagnance and unproductivity, yet are now living life unlimited!

From the classroom to the living room and several platforms between, Antoinette has spread her voice- her contagious energy - her grace!
As the founder and Lead Coach of Atmosphere Ethics and Training, she intertwines professional and personal ethics workshops that creates overall longevity and success of an individual or company. Through her live social media broadcasts, thousands of listeners tune in and lable her as their personal life coach.
Ultimately listeners are lifted from the valley of gloom, doom and unproductivity! Antoinette is the author of "Crazy Enough to Jump" and "Better Off Dead".

"Sometimes an external force is needed to remind one of their worth and possibilities. I'm that force!
My hope is that an encounter with me through a video, poscast, book, session, workshop or quote, will undeniably shake up your life; starting with your thoughts. Society says resources, popularity and credibility makes you a winner, but when the battle continues inside your head, you are defeated. I am here to teach you what WINNING is all about!"

Among being married to a visionary husband, she's the mother of four children. Motherhood revealed her creative side; hence, Antoinette founded So Charming Studios LLC and Build at Home Mom. Beyond business and ministry, Antoinette enjoys the free things in life; which are best.
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