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If You've Been Ignited, Say So!
"Antoinette is a phenomenal motivational speaker. She inspires me with her words of encouragement. She is transparent and speaks from her personal experiences which makes her messages even more inspiring. I would definitely recommend her.
Kenyatta S.

"This video changed my life and mindset...I just needed someone like you to clue me into me.. Thank you.. God bless
Troy W.

"Glory to God. I just listened to your message. You spoke to my soul. I had to shout Glory and cut a step...My God!"
Tammika B.

"You are such a bright and beautiful light. Love you and your laugh!!"
Tacondra B.

"Best channel on YouTube!!"
William C.

"My counselor, my backbone for life. Antoinette Randall, I love you so much. Thanks for all you do!"
Jaron C.

"I jumped on Facebook and your face popped up. I love hearing your messages."
Tansha F.

"She's always positive, motivated and keeps it real!"
Paulette S.

"Always positive and motivating others! Keep it up!"
Angela H.

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